Recently, manufacturing industries have developed a liking for Artificial Intelligence, but that could not stop them from relying on Human Resources  – managers and employees – for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

They achieve maximum productivity for the least cost through a term called  ‘Lean Methodology’.

‘Lean Methodology’ is a manufacturing technique through which management aims to remove all the futile processes involved in production to save time and efforts.

Leading automobile manufacturers across Japan, USA, and Europe have adopted Lean Methodology to save costs on per unit production and deliver quality.

If you are an aspiring or existing manager, supervisor, project manager, business analyst, or quality assurance manager of a company, Lean Certification will bring in better opportunities.

Here are 10 reasons why  learning Lean Project Management is a step ahead for your career advancement in 2019:

  1. Adds Incredible Authority to Your Résumé

Institutions such as Vative Academy offer online Lean Certification Courses which will help you learn the aspects of Lean Certification in detail without having to let go of their current position in the organisation.

Also, it will add value to your resume and help you get hired.

  1. Opportunity to Choose the Desired Projects

The Lean Certified Project Managers have an upper-hand over their colleagues and are given autonomy for deciding the project with which they can bring in higher profitability.

Also, they are given an opportunity to work with more challenging projects and develop a process that saves time and money.

  1. Greater Autonomy

The Project Managers with Lean Certification are given higher priority as team leaders, and the executive-level management trusts them with their decision, leaving them with little accountability and greater autonomy.

  1. Understanding the Value

When the project managers are working on the manufacturing of a product, they have a better understanding of the value that the company is trying to deliver.

Also, they study the market to get a better insight into the processes that can deliver value.

  1. Process Elimination

The Project Managers can use Lean Methodology, not only to bring in processes that add value to the product but also to eliminate the ones that bring about no significant change in the product.

Such wasteful activities only consumes time and effort.

The activities such as Over-production, Over-Processing, Excess Inventory, Waiting Hours, and defects are eliminated.

  1. Better Utilisation of Time

The followers of Lean Manufacturing are trained in saving time wherever possible, even if it is about the breaks given to employees. They make sure that while the employees or the factory floor staff are out for breaks, some or the other process is going on to save time.

  1. More Dynamism and Innovation

Lean Project Management Certification helps the employees think beyond the scope of their work and bring in innovative solutions to problems that have previously haunted the manufacturers.

Such employees and leaders are also more accepting of organizational changes and help in promoting them.

  1. Let the Customer Drive the Flow

Managers with Lean Certification will allow consumers to drive the flow by bringing in innovation only when the customers ask for them.

They follow the Just-in-Time method, where the customers are offered the agreed initial scope with the facility to add more features if they wish to.

Manufacturers such as Toyota, Japan are using this Methodology to eliminate the cost of storing inventory and procuring parts only when they are required.

  1. Better Cost Management

All processes, whether small or big, come with a cost of labor and resources.

Therefore, by eliminating the wasteful processes, the Lean Certified Managers are also able to save on the cost of raw material and labor.

This is how they are better in line with the cost caps set by upper-level management.

  1. Continuous Growth in Strategies

When the Project Managers have the knowledge of lean manufacturing and how to go about the process, they are better able to evolve the current techniques used by the organization.

Such continuous growth in strategies allows the organisation to take advantage of upcoming technologies earlier than the competition.

There you have it!

The above points justify how Lean Project Management is the future of manufacturing where the business cannot survive without delivering the best possible value at the lowest possible prices.