5S Workplace Organisation Module

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5S creates a clean and efficient workplace and forms the basis for breakthrough improvements

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Did you know that studies show that people lose much of their time due to a cluttered and disorganized workplace?

Your solution is 5S certification. It is effective, low cost and easy to understand. It is a visual management tool that:

  • Boosts productivity
  • Improves team morale
  • Reduces safety hazards

5S stands for Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise, and Sustain. The 5S training module provides the foundation for all other Lean tools and therefore should be introduced first.

The Vative 5s training course online is a great place to start on your continuous improvement, which provides input on improving the organization.

Now let’s discover more about what that means.

Learning outcomes

This module will provide you with the knowledge to organise your workplace and systems in effective and efficient ways. 5S is a very effective and simple Lean tool that is easy and fast to implement. It is applicable in all working environments such as administration, warehousing, information technology, manufacturing and many more.

5S should be considered as a foundational step in your Lean journey prior to implementing any other Lean tools.

You will learn what 5S is and the steps to implement 5S. This enables you to reduce waste within processes and create a safer, efficient, organised and pleasing work environment.

Enrol into this module to learn how to apply 5S effectively.

The optional Certification for Skills and Knowledge assessment option will require the demonstrated implementation of a 5S system.

Level of difficulty




Assessment Options

Learning and Statement of Knowledge

Certification for Skills and Knowledge

How it works

The module contains a range of learning options such as video, interactive, case studies and downloadable resources, templates and tools for application of knowledge. We recommend you progress your learning through all these resources in this order. The Learning & Statement of Knowledge assessment option requires you to:

  1. study the course content using the video, interactive and case studies
  2. complete an examination of 20 questions and achieve 75% or higher

Once you have passed the examination satisfactorily, you will receive a downloadable Statement of Knowledge as a recognition of your understanding. The Certification for Skills and Knowledge assessment option requires you to:

  • pass the Learning & Statement of Knowledge assessment option
  • implement a project relevant to this module
  • demonstrate your skills for all project assessment criteria

This option provides you with 1 hour of coaching and assessment support from a certified module topic expert. Once you have passed the project assessment satisfactorily, you will receive a downloadable internationally recognised Certification for Skills and Knowledge as a recognition of your practical application.


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The Statement of Knowledge assessment option is a pre-requisite of the Certification for Skills and Knowledge assessment option.