Change Management Module

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An overview into leading teams through continuous improvement & change.

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Change is inherently unsettling for most people. How do you feel about leading change?

Change management certification

Change management certification is not a specific process course but a set of best practices that have proven successful when implementing change. Now let’s review the different best practices that will allow you to facilitate change most successfully.

  • Communicate from WHY
  • Creating ownership
  • Be a role model
  • Holistic approach
  • Create a culture for success
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Reward and recognition

Mastering the soft side of change management is as important as having an action plan.

Change management courses online:

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Learning outcomes

In this module, you will explore how you can create a culture of commitment and performance.

Change Management is an important cornerstone to successful organisational transformation. One must consider how to handle change with each individual in mind.

Only then can the change be perceived as positive and sustainable.

Enrol into this module to learn how to manage change effectively.

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Assessment Options

Learning and Statement of Knowledge

Certification for Skills and Knowledge

How it works

The module contains a range of learning options such as video, interactive, case studies and downloadable resources, templates and tools for application of knowledge.

We recommend you progress your learning through all these resources in this order.

The Learning & Statement of Knowledge assessment option requires you to:

  1. study the course content using the video, interactive and case studies
  2. complete an examination of 20 questions and achieve 75% or higher

Once you have passed the examination satisfactorily, you will receive a downloadable Statement of Knowledge as a recognition of your understanding.


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