Introduction to Lean Module

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What is Lean & an overview of the history and benefits of Lean.

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Lean knowledge is about working smarter and not harder!

Introduction to Lean:

So, what is Lean? Lean is creating more value with fewer resources.

It also doesn’t mean we tell people to hurry or reducing costs at the cost of quality. A Lean organization will achieve this by systematically eliminating waste from all processes.

The journey starts with understanding customer value and then continue increasing it. The goal is to provide the best value to the customer through a value creation process that has zero waste.

The flow-on effect for the organization is increased customer loyalty, competitiveness, improved culture, and profitability.

It really is a win-win situation for all. So why wouldn’t you want to become a Master of Lean?

Learning outcomes

The purpose of this module to is give you an overview of the general concept of Lean and Continuous Improvement which is also widely used in Agile approach.

We will cover why Lean is so important for any type of organisation as well as the various Lean tools and the logical sequence of application.

Enrol into this module to learn about the origins and importance of Lean.

Level of difficulty




Assessment Options

Learning and Statement of Knowledge

Certification for Skills and Knowledge

How it works

The module contains a range of learning options such as video, interactive, case studies and downloadable resources, templates and tools for application of knowledge.

We recommend you progress your learning through all these resources in this order.

The Learning & Statement of Knowledge assessment option requires you to:

  1. study the course content using the video, interactive and case studies
  2. complete an examination of 20 questions and achieve 75% or higher

Once you have passed the examination satisfactorily, you will receive a downloadable Statement of Knowledge as a recognition of your understanding.


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