Learning outcomes

Lean is a proven business improvement and management strategy that has gained worldwide attention for its remarkable success in improving process efficiency.

This course aims at developing Lean Champions who have the foundational Lean knowledge, that allows them to contribute to continuous improvement and Lean projects.

This course is a recommended first step towards becoming a qualified Lean Practitioner.

This course consists of four (4) modules:

  • Introduction to Lean
  • Identify Value & Waste
  • Change Management
  • Project Management (Project Charters)

Enrol into this course to learn how to improve process and overall business performance.

Level of difficulty




Assessment Options

Learning and Statement of Knowledge

Certification for Skills and Knowledge

How it works

The course contains four learning modules which each include learning options such as video, interactive, case studies and downloadable resources, templates and tools for application of knowledge.

We recommend you progress your learning through all these resources in this order.

The Learning & Statement of Knowledge requires you to complete the following activities for each module:

  1. study the course content using the video, interactive and case studies
  2. complete an examination of 20 questions and achieve 75% or higher

Once you have passed each module examination satisfactorily, you will receive a Statement of Knowledge as a recognition of your understanding for the course.



Pathway: Lean Champion > Lean Practitioner > Lean Expert > Lean Master


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